Welsh Winter Championships

The Welsh Winter Championships were held in Swansea from the 1st December to the 3rd of December 2017, with 28 Newport swimmers competing over the three long days of racing. There were many fantastic performances, far too many to name them all, but the medallists were;
Day 1
Millie Mulligan 400 IM 3rd
Scarlet Major 400 IM 1st
Giani Davies 50 Fc 2nd
Alex Griffiths 50 Fc 1st
Emily Jones 50 Br 3rd
Scarlet Major 50 Br 2nd
Alice Manship 50 Br 2nd
Cerys Coley 50 Br 2nd
Ben Fox-Wiltshire 50 Br 2nd
Jack Knight 200 Bk 3rd
Millie Mulligan 200 Fly 3rd
Megan Allison 200 Fly 1st 

Day 2
Megan Allison 50 Fc 1st
Alex Griffiths 200 Fc 2nd
Scarlet Major 200 IM 1st
Emily Jones 100 Br 2nd
Scarlet Major 100 Br 2nd
Alice Manship 100 Br 2nd
Cerys Coley 100 Br 2nd
Gianni Davies 50 Fly 3rd
Alex Griffiths 50 Fly 2nd 

Day 3
Alex Griffiths 100 Fc 1st
Megan Allison 100 Fc 2nd
Ben Fox-Wiltshire 200 Br 2nd
Emily Jones 200 Br 2nd
Cerys Coley 200 Br 2nd
Alex Griffiths 50 Bk 1st
Megan Allison 100 Fly 1st 

Well done to all these swimmers.