Tribute to Bernice Hooper - Club President (R.I.P.)

To all past and present members of City of Newport Swimming and Water Polo Club.
It is with regret that I pass on the news that our Club President, Mrs Bernice Hooper, has peacefully passed away on May 14th aged 98. She will be remembered by many, having taught generations of children in her teaching positions at schools across Newport as well as a swimming instructor at Newport Swimming Club which was formed in 1898 at Stow Hill Baths.
Swimming and the love of the sport ran in the 'Hooper' family. Her husband, Wilf, was Secretary of the Welsh Amateur Swimming Association for many years and late daughter Jocelyn represented Wales at the Commonwealth Games held in Cardiff and Australia. A plaque inside the main door at the International pool at Spytty is dedicated to Wilf Hooper. Mrs Hooper was the Welsh swimming team manager at the Commonwealth Games held in Australia, New Zealand and Cardiff. Mrs Hooper held the office of President of the Welsh Amateur Swimming Association, as did her husband and eight other members of the three swimming clubs in Newport.
In January 1984, with the impending closure of Stow Hill Baths, Newport Swimming Club amalgamated with Maindee Olympic Swimming Club to become Newport and Maindee Olympic Swimming and Water Polo Club which is 2004 became known as City of Newport Swimming and Water Polo Club.
As a younger swimmer, Mrs Hooper's mother persuaded my Mother and her sister, also Welsh team swimmers and swimming instructors, to allow Bernice to swim with them in the Usk River swim! This swim was stopped in 1946 due to the high pollution in the river.
Mrs Hooper continued her competitive swimming into her late 80's and would walk to the Maindee Baths every morning from her home in Devon Place to train at 6.15 a.m.
She will be fondly remembered by many.
Jen Smith (Vice President)