Wyvern League Final

Wyvern League

Massive well done to all our City Of Newport Swimmers on winning today’s round of the Wyvern swimming league👍🏻😀

The progression we have seen through the rounds by all swimmers that have been a part of this fantastic team has been amazing. The progression of results; 3rd in rd1, 2nd in rd2, and 1st in rd3, also shows how well the swimmers, and programme is developing. Final scores and overal League points below.

Well done also to all of the swimmers in rounds 1-3 including those not in today’s meet, you too are a part of our team success and we are very proud of you.

Thank you to S.A.S (Sarah and Sarah), and to our National Potential & RP1 squad swimmers for coming in to not only support their team, but also got involved and kept the team organised and motivated throughout the meet. You were awesome and made my coaching job easy to do.

Thank you to all of our officials, and staff that gave up their time to run today’s event, what an awesome meet you provided us with, it ran super smooth.

Finally massive thank you to our team of supporters in the crowd, we are super blessed with the cheering you gave our swimmers and they done you proud eh.

Final scores from Rd3
1st City of Newport 241 pts
2nd City of Hereford Swimming Club 230 pts
3rd Torfaen Dolphins 208 pts
4th Ledbury 207 pts
5th Heads of the Valley 143 pts
6th Ludlow 117 pts

Final League Pts
1st Torfaen Dolphins 16 pts
2nd City of Newport 15 pts
3rd Ledbury 12 pts
4th City of Hereford 11 pts
5th Heads of the Valley 5 pts
6th Ludlow 4 pts

Well done to Torfaen. Roll on next year