Swim Wales South East Regionals 2019

Congratulations to all swimmers who took part, especially the medallists:-

Kasey Allen-Ridge Male 15-16 Yrs Old 400m Free Bronze, 100m Breast Bronze, 50m Free Bronze, 50m Breast Silver
Jensen Coppen Male 15-16 Yrs Old 100m Back Silver, 200m Breast Gold, 100m Breast Gold, 50m Breast Gold, 50m Back Bronze
Ella Deakin Female 17 & Over 1500m Free Bronze
Benjamin Fox-Wiltshire Male 14 Yr Olds 100m Back Silver, 100m Breast Bronze, 50m Breast Silver, 200m IM Bronze, 50m Back Silver
Ellana Horton Female 17 & Over 50m Breast Silver
Emily Jones Female 14 Yr Olds 100m Fly Bronze, 50m Breast Gold, 200m Breast Gold, 100m Breast Gold
Sophie Linton Female 15-15 Yrs Old 200m Free Silver, 100m Free, 50m Free Gold
Toby Preece Male 12 Yr Olds 50m Fly Bronze, 100m Free Bronze, 50m Free Bronze
Oliver Rixon Male 11 Yr Olds 50m Fly Bronze, 50m Back Silver, 100m Back Silver
Adam Steven Male 13 Yr Olds 1500m Free Gold, 100m Free Silver, 200m IM Bronze, 200m Free Bronze, 800m Free Gold, 200m Breast Bronze, 50m free Bronze, 100m Fly Bronze, 50m Breast Bronze, 400m Free Gold
Ryan Steven Male 17 & Over 400m IM Gold
Isobel Stevens Female 14 Yr Olds 800m Free Gold, 50m Back Gold, 100m Fly Silver, 200m Free Bronze, 100m Free Silver, 400m Free Silver
Ellie Ward Female 15-16 Yrs Old 800m Free Bronze, 1500m Free Silver
Luke Williams Male 11 Yr Olds 100m Breast Silver, 200m Breast Silver


Girls 11-12 200m Free Bronze (Lucy Jones, Poppy Offside, Lili Evans, Lucy Grant)Boys 11-14 200m Free Bronze (Benjamin Fox-Wiltshire, Brandon Keenan, Evan Sellick, Adam Steven)
Boys 11-14 200m IM Bronze (Benjamin Fox-Wiltshire, Evan Sellick, Brandon Keenan, Adam Steven)
Boys 11 & Over 200m IM Gold (Danny Jones, Jensen Coppen, Elur Urkola, Ryan Steven)
Mixed 11-12 200m Free Bronze (Lucy Jones, Oliver Rixon, Poppy Offside, Luke Williams)
Mixed 11-14 200m Free Silver (Evan Sellick, Eve Bowen, Adam Steven, Bethan Holmes)
Mixed 11-12 200m IM Silver (Lucy Jones, Luke Williams, Lili Evans, Oliver Rixon)
Mixed 11-14 200m IM Gold (Brandon Keenan, Emily Jones, Ben Fox-Wiltshire, Isobel Stevens)