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Plymouth Leander Level 1 National Qualifier

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Below is an update from the Organisers

Hi All,

Hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend and some fast racing.

We have chosen to merge some sessions, as they are a bit short on their own, to enable a decent finish time.

The timings are as follows;-

Saturday Session 1 Warm up 8.30am- 9.30am - Racing starts at 9.35am
Saturday Session 2 & 3 are merged with a short break between the sessions- so one warm up at approximately 1.15pm for an hour.
Estimated finish time 6.40pm

Sunday Session 1 Warm up 8.30am- 9.30am
Sunday Session 2 & 3 Merged - warm up estimates 11.50am for an hour.
Estimated finish time 4.45pm

Monday Session 1 & 2 merged -Warm up shorter (40mins from 8.15am)
Estimated finish time 1pm.

This is all subject to meeting the Licensing conditions of number of Officials to run the maximum number of lanes.

Sign-ins will be operating for the 800m and 1500m- deadline will be 9am each day. The sign in desk will be located outside of the Control Room, just on the pool deck.

The desk will double up as a liaison desk for any queries;- withdrawals, deck entries etc. Please do not come into the control room unless invited as this will be a busy and stressful environment.

Only those who have ordered and paid for poolside passes will be allowed to accompany their swimmer/s poolside- please let me know if you have forgotten to do this. Otherwise seating is available in the spectator areas.

Programmes for the weekend will be on sale for £10.