Matt Tutton is a member of the Swim Wales Open Water Steering Group so is a good point of contact for any advice needed.

 Safe training locations for open water swimming can be hard to find.

Here are a couple of suggestions.

  • Bristol Open Water Triathlon Training Centre – Swim Run Cycle. Bristol Open Water is the training and events venue especially suited to swimmers or triathletes who want to improve their times and performance.. The lake has a 600 meter swimming lap course, while a running track surrounds the lake.
    Bristol has staff and safety measures in place, making it a good venue to visit. Contact the centre: 

  • Cardiff International White Water hold open water swim sessions. Their early morning swim training runs from May to September (every Saturday and Thursday Mornings). They also welcome non-wetsuit wearing friends.
    Doors Open 
    Thursdays – 06:30 – (swim 06:45 – 08:00)
    Saturdays – 08:00 (swim 08:15 – 09:15)
    £6 per person, per swim, you also need to buy an ID card for £5 (annual fee). You will need to take your ID card with you every time you visit – if you do not, they will ask you to register and pay the £5 fee again!

    Minimum age 12yrs.  This is a good local option with changing facilities and cafe.

  • HT Swim Pro run 1-1 / group sessions.  Information can be found at:

  • Swim-Tutton Ltd runs 1-1 / group sessions at North Dock Llanelli. Information can be found on the services tab at:

  • Various Triathlon groups attend swim sessions in lakes and the sea. Check safety before entering open water, e.g. is a lifeguard on duty, and someone watching you.

  1. There are other venues and programmes online if you look.

  2. Swimming wetsuits maybe required for these sessions.

  3. Waivers must be signed prior to taking part.

Seek Professional advice before entering open water for the first time.