1)  When I join the club what am I expected to pay and when?

Payment is made by Direct Debit to Newport Live for your sessions with the club – (cost will vary depending on squads, see payment structure).

£20 Joining fee directly to the club.

Swim Wales (WASA) Fees are paid when joining and paid yearly.

Our club secretary will gladly explain all of the above when you come along to the club.


2)  What is a WASA or Swim Wales number and where do I get one from?

When you join the club you will have a number of forms to complete, one of which is a Swim Wales form. Once this form has been processed you will be allocated a Swim Wales (WASA) number. You will need this number to enter your child into competitions. You pay a yearly subscription for WASA membership and it is also your insurance to swim with the club.


3)  How do I know what to buy for training?

It depends what squad your child is in:-

Academy Squads 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3 – costume/goggles and a hat

Regional Performance Squads 1 & 2, National Potential – costume/goggles/hat/kick board/pull buoy and training fins

National Performance Squad – costume/goggles/hat/kick board/pull buoy/hand paddles and training fins

Its always advisable to have a spare pair of goggles and hat – Hats are compulsory for girls.


4)  Where can I buy goggles?

The club hold a stock of Swan goggles in various colours priced at £20.00.

Of course there are lots of sports shops and websites that you can purchase sports items from.


5)  Where can I buy swimsuits?

There are lots of sports shops and websites that you can purchase sports items from


6)  Where can I buy kick boards and pull buoys?

The club hold a stock of kick boards, pull buoys and mesh bags priced at £20 for the set (choice of colour) available from our club shop


7)  Does my child need a skin?

Unless your child is a member of our Regional Performance 1 & 2, National Potential or National Performance squads we suggest that skins are not essential.


8)  Do you have a second hand shop?

We do not have a second hand shop at this moment.


9)  Who decides what squad my child is placed with and who decides when my child can move?

The coach will decide when the time is right for your child to move squads. The coach sets the performance criteria for each squad and regularly reviews the squad members to ensure that they are placed in the most appropriate squad. The coach will decide when the time is right for your child to move squads subject to relevant stroke development and attendance.


10) Can I meet or get in touch with my child’s coach?

You can contact your child’s coach via email coach@newportswimmingclub.co.uk or assistantcoach@newportswimmingclub.co.uk at any time.

Our Head Coach is available 15 minutes before training to discuss any concerns you may have.

We ask that wherever possible you do not approach our coaches while they are coaching. It is essential that the coaches spend time coaching.


11) Who do I inform when my child is not able to attend a training session?

You can email the head coach coach@newportswimmingclub.co.uk or our club secretary secretary@newportswimmingclub.co.uk  and they will ensure the relevant coach will be informed.


12) Where do I get entry forms for competitions?

No forms are required. All competition entries are now done through our online entry system (Hy-tek Swim Portal). To register for online entries, follow this link -http://www.active.com/newport/water-sports/swimming-classes/city-of-newport-swimming-and-waterpolo-club-17-2016?int=

Notification of competitions will appear on this web site, via Schoop (our club message system) and for those registered with Swim Portal through an automated email.


13) What does U.C.T, Q.T, C.T, SCR and ALT mean?

Upper Cut off Time (U.C.T) means the time entered cannot be faster.

Qualifying Time (Q.T) means the time required to enter (a place is usually guaranteed if you achieve this time).

Consideration Time (C.T.) means if you achieve this time your entry will be considered, if there are spaces left after all swimmers with Q.T.s have been entered. (a place is offered subject to availability)

If a meet is oversubscribed some swimmers will need to be Scratched (SCR) from the meet. These swimmers will be the ones only achieving the C.T.s unless in exceptional circumstances. Any swimmer who is SCR will receive a refund after the event.

In order to prevent empty lanes in a gala, some meets will use Alternates (ALT). An ALT is a swimmer who has just missed out on a place, they are required to attend the event and present themselves for marshalling. If another swimmer has dropped out they will be given a swim. If not, a refund will be issued after the gala. Any ALT who fails to present themselves at marshalling will not receive a refund.  

Different level meets have different entry requirements such as Qualifying Times (Q.T), Qualifying and Consideration Times (Q.T. & C.T.), or Upper Cut Off Times (U.C.T)


14) Can I enter competitions without times?

Some Level 3 competitions (Meets) will allow your child to enter without times but this will be stated on the meet pack.


15) What races should my child enter?

In our lower squads you will be told what to enter. Initially and wherever possible it is a good idea to enter as many races as possible, this will enable your child to enter further galas because you cannot enter races unless specified without a time.


16) What does S.C and L.C mean

S.C means Short course – 25 metre pool

L.C means Long course – 50 metre pool


17) What time do I arrive for a competition?

Refer to our page ‘competitions for novices’


18) What do I bring for a competition?

Refer to our page ‘competitions for novices’


19) What happens if the pool closes due to adverse weather?

If there is adverse weather conditions we will endeavour to ensure that a message is put on the website, sent out via Schoop and through the Swim Portal. 


20) Can I volunteer to help within the club?

We openly encourage all of our parents to help with the running of our club. Without our volunteers we would not have a club. You can email our Secretary secretary@newportswimmingclub.co.uk,  if you are interested in volunteering. If you are willing to volunteer to help at the galas we run, you can select a role in the volunteer section of your Swim Portal.