Weekly Update 15th November 2017

Training this weekend is at the normal time on Saturday, for the Juniors, 4 – 5.30. The Junior BWWPL team then plays a match against South Gloucester from 5.30 – 6.30, and the Seniors train after this match, from 6.30 – 8PM.

Good luck to the Juniors for their match, play hard.

RTC in both Newport and Carmarthen this Friday. Newport from 20.00 – 22.00, Carmarthen from 20.30 – 22.00.

On Sunday (19th November) both the Juniors and the Seniors take on Exeter in the BWWPL, at home, Juniors at 1PM, then the Seniors at 2.30. it would be great to get as many spectators as possible to support these matches, if you can, please do, the teams need your support.

On 28th November, the 2nds team play their first proper match, against South Gloucester Men, in Winterbourne. this is exciting times for the 2nd team players, good luck to you all.

Below is the diary, I hope it all makes it clear to understand:

15th Nov, Wed        20.00 - 22.00, Seniors training

17th Nov, Fri           RTC in Newport and Carmarthen

18th Nov, Sat          16.00 – 17.30, Juniors Training

                                17.30 – 18.30, Junior BWWPL V South Gloucester

                                18.30 – 20.00, Seniors Training

19th Nov, Sun          13.00 – 14.30, Junior BWWPL V Exeter at home

                                14.30 – 16.00, Senior BWWPL V Exeter at home

22nd Nov, Wed       20.00 - 22.00, Seniors training

24th Nov, Fri           20.00 - 22.00, RTC in Carmarthen only

25th Nov, Sat          No training – Gala

                                14.00 – 16.30, Junior Men Swim Set, Swansea

26th Nov, Sun         11.00 – 14.00, Welsh Water Polo Clinic

                                11.00 – 12.00, Academy at Clinic

28th Nov, Tue         19.45 – 21.00, 2nds match V South Gloucester Away

29th Nov, Wed       20.00 - 22.00, Seniors training

That is all for now, if there are any questions, please do let me know, or indeed, if you note that I have made another silly mistake, then please do tell me so that I can put it right.