We have received notification from Carmarthen and Newport RTC’s that they will be starting again on 7th May and continuing until 14th July, with a break for 1 week during that time. (Newport will be breaking on 7th July, not sure yet when Carmarthen will be breaking.)

Newport starts at 20.00 with a 30 minute land fitness session until 20.30, then into the pool until 22.00. Carmarthen starts at 20.30 and is all pool work until 22.00. The cost for RTC is £60 in total for the 10 week training, to be paid at the RTC by cash or cheques made payable to Swim Wales.

These are very valuable training groups for the young players and one of the areas they will be assessed at for National Team Selection. If your child has aspiration to play for Wales, please make every effort to attend the RTC’s.

We have spoken to most parents about this, but if you need any further information please do just ask me.

Kind regards