Update 31st May 2017

The 2nds travelled to Weston Super Mare last Thursday to play Weston in a friendly. Weston paid us a massive compliment by fielding their best possible side to play the match. Despite the youth (with an average age below 18) and comparative inexperience of our team, the 2nds were able to hold Weston to a 9 – 5 defeat. Great work for the start of the 2nds working together !

The 99’s played Cwm Draig in the Welsh League last Saturday and narrowly lost 10 – 11, a great effort from the team, with only 2 benchers to rotate in to help.  

Tonight the Seniors take on Cheltenham in the Bristol and West league, good luck guys, work hard.

RTC is on in Newport only this Friday. Carmarthen RTC has their mid-term break this Friday.

Welsh Junior Men Swim Set is in Swansea this week. Isaac asks that if you are selected to play for the Juniors that you do not attend the Swim Set as he wants you fresh to face Bristol.

Training for the Juniors this weekend is as normal, starting at 4PM on Saturday. please note, Juniors is only for 1 hour this week due to a Junior BWWPL match at 17.00.

Good luck to the Juniors in their match against Bristol on Saturday starting at 17.00. Isaac asks that you meet at 16.30 for a pre-match team talk. Please do not be late. Remember, you have already beaten Bristol once this year, this game is yours if you want it.

Seniors training is immediately after the end of the Junior’s match and goes on until 19.00.

Due to the football in Cardiff, Clinic has been put back from this week to next week (11th June)

Below is the diary, I hope it all makes it clear to understand:

31st May, Wed           20.30 – 22.00, Seniors V Cheltenham at home

2nd June, Fri             20.00 – 22.00, RTC Newport only

3rd June, Sat             16.00 – 17.00, Juniors Training

                                   17.00 – 18.00, Juniors V Bristol at home

                                   18.00 – 19.00, Senior Training

                                   14.30 – 16.30, Welsh Junior Men Swim Set in Swansea

7th June, Wed           20.30 – 22.00, Seniors V Bristol, at home             

9th June, Fri              20.00 – 22.00, RTC Newport and Carmarthen

10th June, Sat            15.00 – 16.00, Juniors Training

                                   16.00 – 17.30, Juniors V Exeter at home

                                    17.30 – 19.00, Seniors V Exeter at home

11th June, Sun             12.00 – 15.00, Welsh Water Polo Clinic, Cardiff

                                    12.00 – 13.00, Academy at Clinic

That is all for now, if there are any questions, please do let me know, or indeed, if you note that I have made another silly mistake, then please do tell me so that I can put it right.

See you all soon.