Weekly Update 3rd January 2018

We would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year, here’s hoping it will be prosperous and full of great Water Polo.

The Club Awards evening is this Saturday, 6th January, at 7PM, I hope you all have your tickets and look forward to seeing you all there.

The next few weeks are fairly busy, so I have put in a 3 week Diary below. The pool is hosting a round of the Ladies British National League Water Polo tournament this weekend, if you feel at a loss for what to do this weekend, there should be some great ladies polo to watch in Newport on both Saturday and Sunday

The 2nds take on Taunton away (in Taunton) this Sunday, with the team talk at 7.15PM then the warm up starting at 7.45. good luck guys.

Below is the diary, I hope it all makes it clear to understand:

3rd Jan, Wed          20.00 - 22.00, Seniors training

6th Jan, Sat            No Training, Gala at the Pool

                                7PM – Awards Evening

7th Jan, Sun            19.15, 2nds V Taunton, Away

10th Jan, Wed        20.00 - 22.00, Seniors training

13th Jan, Sat           16.00 – 17.30, Juniors training

                                17.30 – 18.30, 2nds V South Gloucester at home

                                18.30 - 20.00, Seniors training

14th Jan, Sun          11.30 – 14.30, Welsh Water Polo Clinic

                                13.00 – 14.30, Juniors Training in Newport

                                14.30 – 16.00, Seniors Training in Newport

17th Jan, Wed         20.00 - 22.00, Seniors training

20th Jan, Sat           No Training, Gala at the Pool

                                  14.00 – 16.30, Welsh Junior Mens Swim Set

21st Jan, Sun             16.30 – 17.30, 2003 V Wanderers, Porth

                                  17.30 – 18.30, 2000 V Wanderers, Porth

That is all for now, if there are any questions, please do let me know, or indeed, if you note that I have made another silly mistake, then please do tell me so that I can put it right